• Through this pandemic all staff have completed ‘Prevent COVID 19’ training and ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ training.
  • We have attended online weekly Health and Social Care Corona Virus guidance updates to adapt into practise.
  • All staff have been positively engaging the young people in completing college work, and actively applying for laptops through the laptop scheme within Manchester.
  • We have been working closely with the LAC nurse who is providing us with vegetables, so we can grow our own, within our provisions.
  • As company we recognise that staff wellbeing is paramount to continue successfully supporting the young people – therefore we have a wellbeing programme for all staff to access an external source of therapeutic intervention and discuss any areas affecting their current mental wellbeing in a confidential manner as an opportunity for them to talk. As we believe it is vital that all our staff are afforded the time helping them through this pandemic.

Exciting news…. 3rd June is the confirmed installation date for the Urban Gym!!