Sports and Wellbeing

Fitness Suite

Whatever your fitness goals, we have the knowledge and facilities to drive those ambitions into results, not just in the short term, but transitioning into independent living…


  • We have trained and knowledgeable staff in working towards those goals. The equipment available includes a squat rack, bench press, dumbbells, Olympic barbells and weights plates, kettlebells, spin bike, boxing, multi gym, log press, farmers carry bars, core stability balls and a floor-based exercise area
  • The fitness suite is our indoor area designed to cater for all personal fitness goals and aims, whether we are training for sports specific outcomes, improving strength, stamina or just like to work out in a positive environment the fitness suite makes for the ideal space
  • Regular gym-based sessions, whatever the overall goal is not just great for physical fitness but is also proven to be effective in improving mood, cognitive functioning and overall mental wellbeing
  • During these sessions we also take the opportunity to pass on knowledge of anatomy, physiology and exercise technique and then once our young people have gained suitable knowledge and technique with instructor guidance
  • We encourage our young people to design and take accountability for their own gym sessions in order to provide them with leadership and skills to safely take care of their own exercise, health and wellbeing as well as how to effectively plan a gym routine that is suitable and progressive
  • With these sessions we allocate booking slots to our young people which also gives some ownership, responsibility and time management skills, which are all transferable into adult life.

The Cage-Multi Use Games Area

Sport, an environment that is created to be all inclusive, allowing the true potential of our young people to flourish to its fullest, whether that is as a team player, or showing the ability to lead and motivate others to succeed…


  • The sports and wellbeing team boast a wide array of sporting backgrounds including football, rugby, basketball, American football, netball and softball. With all the skills and experience we have available, sports sessions are designed to be all inclusive, varied, progressive and most importantly enjoyable
  • We know what makes for a successful sports session and how to make the most of the skills and attributes that all participants can offer. So, whatever your sport, we will create a session available that will meet your skill range
  • All our sessions we emphasise key skills transferable to real life such a discipline, respect, teamwork, timekeeping and leadership – all essential skills when we look for future employment and training opportunities.

The Games Room

Creativity and social opportunities open the mind to the bigger world that we can explore…


  • We have a room dedicated to sports and games of a more relaxed nature, offering pool, darts, table tennis, board games and your creative side to flow with some arts and crafts. The ideal room for some light and friendly games to chill out and absorb the day’s activities
  • A great place to develop social interaction skills and chill out with other peers and staff

How do we promote safeguarding and dignity within sports and wellbeing?


  • ‘Safeguarding is about protecting adults and children’s health, wellbeing and human rights and enabling them to live safely and free from abuse and neglect’
  • We believe that this statement around safeguarding sums up our approach and the philosophy behind our sports and wellbeing programme perfectly as everything we deliver and the skills we aim to pass on are targeted towards the long term safeguarding of our young people as they move onto independent living and to develop their future selves
  • ‘Dignity is the right of an individual to be valued and respected for their own sake and treated ethically’
  • As a diverse team we ensure that all needs are met, by ensuring we work to provide personalised sessions that meet individual needs, as an example we have had a number of female tenants that prefer to work with a female member of staff, whether that is just a general preference or a cultural need. With this in mind, we will work to make this an option and schedule sessions that meet this need.