We follow a person-centred planning and creative approach with clear future goals…


  • We use our experience and knowledge to help the young people gain the skills they need to be independent and support them through emotional and mental wellbeing, complex behaviours, vulnerabilities, anger management and risk-taking behaviours to help integrate them into their local communities
  • We support them through the asylum process when adjusting to life in the UK, whilst respecting their cultural values and traditions as well as educating and exploring further what is socially acceptable / unacceptable in Britain
  • All staff are knowledgeable in safeguarding to ensure that concerns are followed up, compromising behaviours are disrupted and risk taking behaviours are managed and reduced, working as part of a multi-agency team for the support of the young person for positive outcomes in line with their risk assessments and safety plans
  • We as a provider use 24-hour Language Empire, to ensure positive communication at all times. We also adapt all important documentation to support the needs of the young people
  • We have an ESOL teacher within the team.